Barcelona becomes summer in one of the best cities in the world to go out with friends and enjoy the young and adult life of the Catalan capital. The city is known for its attractive bars, but these are not the only places where we can spend unforgettable moments with friends, this summer the restaurants are also an excellent meeting point to enjoy a dinner with friends.

Casa Carmen is a very nice place located near the Paseo de Gracia. Upon entering the place we will find one of the best restaurants in the city, a place thought for its diners have long and stimulating conversations.

Without a doubt this is the best place in Barcelona to have dinner with friends. In the not only we can enjoy a pleasant dinner, but also of alcoholic drinks from all over the world. In summer we can enjoy a nice lunch on the terrace of the restaurant, where we will have one of the best views of the city, which will make our dinner a real spectacle.

So you know, you are in Barcelona and you want to go out with your friends and enjoy a different night, Casa Carmen Restaurant is your best option.